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Manningham Residentís Panel

Welcome to Manningham Housing Associationís Manningham Residentsí Panel (MRP) site.

What does the Manningham Residentsí Panel do?

The Manningham Residents Panel is a panel made up of our customers and their role is to work with the Association to represent the views of our customers and other residents in their neighbourhoods.

The panelís main role and responsibilities are:

  • To review the effectiveness of each element of the menu of involvement.
  • To promote involvement and engagement to the Associationís customers and residents.
  • Plan the annual customer conference and other similar events and be involved in the running of these as appropriate.
  • Oversee the communication with customers including editorial involvement in the Feedback magazine.
  • Be the link with the Associationís Board through the customer representatives.
  • To approve applications made for the Community Involvement Grant (CIG).
  • Approving a learning and development plan for members.
  • To act as a consultative body for the development of new and existing policies.

Who is on the panel?

Here are the members who are currently on the Manningham Residentsí Panel:

  1. Sinead Howard
  2. Mohammed Tausif
  3. Rebecca Howard
  4. Javeed Hussain
  5. AbdurRaqeeb
  6. Rohema Begum
  7. Jalal Sheikh
  8. Jacqueline Ahmed
  9. Craig Barron
  10. Cath Bacon
  11. Angela Curry
  12. Yasmin Ashraf
  13. Amin Lakhi
  14. Carmen Ramos Smith
  15. Shanaz Gul
  16. Gina Thompson
  17. Anthony Daniel
  18. Rosina Doherty
  19. Louise Watson

What have we been upto?

In order to keep upto date on all the goings at the Manningham Residentsí Panel, we post all of our minutes here to let you know what we have we been upto at each of our meetings.

PDF MHA - MRP Minutes and Meeting Papers

How to join?

If you are passionate about getting involved with the Association and want to work with us to represent the views of our customers and other residents please contact Adnan Ud-Din, Manningham Housing Associationís Customer Insight and Performance on 01274 771144 or email him on