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Value for Money (VFM)

Our Approach

At Manningham Housing Association we believe that Value for Money (VFM) is identical to running an effective social business. Incorporated within our business strategy and integral to it is our approach to Value for Money (VFM). Specifically we set ourselves the following four golden rules:

Jabeen Tahir –
Interim Chair of Manningham
Housing Association
Who We Are

“Here at Manningham Housing Association we are committed to achieving Value for Money (VFM) in all aspects of our work. By doing so, we can ensure that our customers receive the maximum benefit from the rents and service charge that they pay.

The MHA Board has considered VFM throughout the year and has had a big part to play in shaping priorities for the organisation. Our vision is to strive for excellence in every facet of our business. We see value for money as being a key component of thatand we are committed to continuing on this basis going forward.

In this report we have attempted to show how the organisation has run an effective and efficient business whilst being affected with the impact of welfare reform, rent cuts and further reductions in housing development funds. The key to obtaining the customer perspective is the Customer Scrutiny Panel. So that we can hear the customer perspective I am delighted that the Chair of the Customer Scrutiny Panel has added her views to their work and how this has contributed to the efficient and effective running of the business. "

Our annual Value for Money Self-Assessment Statements:

PDF MHA VFM Assessment 2015-16(PDF)

PDF MHA VFM Assessment 2014-15(PDF)