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Manningham Housing Association (MHA) came into existence in 1986 and has a proud track record of delivering homes and services to the communities in Bradford and Keighley to help ensure that the housing needs of the South Asian community, particularly in the Bradford area, are met.

MHA has grown from an organisation with two properties to one that now has over 1400 homes and houses over 6000 residents. Around 80% of our residents are of a BAME origin, but we cater for people from all heritage.

Our core mission to provide good quality affordable homes and services for those in the greatest need in the Bradford district are as justified today as they were in 1986 and over two-thirds of our homes have three bedrooms or more. Our new Growth Strategy means that we will continue to provide much-needed additional homes.

Our customer satisfaction levels are consistently high and top quartile when compared to the social housing sector. We sum up our ambition in this area as providing a “hassle-free” housing service to our customers.

With an annual turnover of £8.5 million and a staff base of 44 colleagues, we have always “punched above our weight” in terms of achievements.

We believe that modern slavery, human trafficking, and child labour are abhorrent practices that will not be tolerated in our own operations or in our supply chains, and we will take such steps that are reasonable to ensure that none is present.

MHA Register of Interest is available to view on request, at the association’s office during office opening hours.

Useful documents:


MHA Corporate Strategy 2023 – 2026


MHA Annual Report and Financial Statement


MHA Board Members’ Conflict of Interest Register

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