Bradford Council Localities Plan 2022-2025 engagement survey

What is this survey about?

The aim of this survey is to find out about what makes where you live a good place, and what strengths your community has. It is going to be used to inform planning within your area for the next three years.

This survey forms part of the strengthening locality working programme at the Council, within which we are aiming to focus the efforts of not only the Council but also our partners, communities and citizens, on how we can work together with more of a focus on individual localities within the District.

This project is underpinned by the principles of three main approaches, the first two of which are early help and prevention, which are focused on stopping potential issues from emerging in the first place or getting worse; the latter of these is a strengths-based approach, focusing on what makes a community strong, rather than what is wrong with a community, or rather what is has, as opposed to what it doesn’t have.

When does the survey finish?

The survey will be running until 5 pm on Monday, 14 March 2022

All ages: Bradford Council – Consultation display (

Young people survey:


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