Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit are ending in Bradford

Universal Credit Managed Migration – Bradford

Those who have not already changed over to Universal Credit (UC) automatically because of a change of circumstances, or voluntarily, are being transferred to UC through ‘managed migration’.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has started to notify people who claim tax credits only to move on to UC.

People claiming tax credits alongside other legacy benefits will be notified in 2024.

The UC Managed Migration Process

Tax Credit-only claimants have started to receive notifications to get ready for UC.

A second DWP letter will be sent out to tax credit claimants called Universal Credit Migration Notice.

  • Universal Credit Migration Notice explains what to do, and more importantly, by when.
  • Claim UC within the 3-month deadline stated on the UC Migration Notice letter.
  • Apply for UC or benefits will stop.
  • A top-up payment called Transitional Protection* is available to new claimants who may be worse off moving on to UC.

* Only where applications are made by the UC Migration Notice deadline

Tax credit claimants aged 65+ will be told to apply for Universal Credit OR Pension Credit.

Are you Ready?

  • You will need an email account
  • A bank account
  • Proof of identity
  • Prepare to possibly attend Jobcentre to meet your Work Coach to agree and sign a Claimant Commitment
  • Budget your money (there is a 5-week waiting period for a first UC payment)

Need Help?

Contact Faisal Khan-MHA Welfare Benefits & Financial Support Officer

01274 771144📞