Customer Panel

Calling all residents to get involved!

We value resident involvement in our service delivery and encourage you to get involved…

Our Customer Panel is made up of our customers and their role is to work with the Association to represent the views of our customers and other residents in their neighbourhoods.

The panel’s main role and responsibilities are:

  • To promote involvement and engagement to the Association’s customers and residents.
  • Plan events and be involved in the running of these as appropriate.
  • Oversee the communication with customers including editorial involvement in the Feedback magazine.
  • Be the link with the Association’s Board through the customer representatives.
  • Approve applications made for the Community Involvement Grant (CIG).
  • Approve a learning and development plan for members.
  • Act as a consultative body for the development of new and existing policies.

Who’s on the panel

Here are the members who are currently on the Panel:

Chair: Cath Bacon
Qualification: Elected Bradford District Cllr for Keighley West.
Occupation: Full-time trade union official and local organiser for Unison.

Other members: Shanaz Gul, Robert Haigh, Arlene Henry, Craig Barron, Salma Khatun, Rosemary Mupunga, Hajra Bahadur, John Caroll

We are regularly recruiting for new members so if you are interested, please get in touch!

Complaints learning forum

Manningham Housing Association’s Complaint Learning Forum runs twice per year and is an independent panel whose main roles are to review and scrutinise complaints recently dealt with in order to improve the Association’s complaint handling process.

The complaints are chosen at random and all correspondence & investigation findings are presented to the Complaints Learning Forum.

Personal details of the complainants such as their name & address are not disclosed.

Members are volunteers from the Customer Panel

How do I join?

If you are passionate about getting involved with the Association and want to work with us to represent the views of our customers and other residents, please contact the Involvement & Engagement Team on 01274 771144

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