Exemplar’ housing association retains national quality mark

Manningham Housing Association (MHA) has retained its Customer Service Excellence national quality mark after a 12-month review.

The accreditation is awarded to organisations judged to have a “truly customer-focused culture” following a rigorous assessment process.

The independent assessor held discussions with MHA staff at all levels as well as with board representatives, customer panel members, suppliers and tenants.

He also visited partner organisation Hollings Youth Association where he met eight customers who, according to his final report,  “confirmed the extent to which Manningham Housing Association works in partnership to provide services to the disadvantaged and hard-to-reach groups.”

In his conclusions, he wrote:

“Manningham Housing Association is an exemplar of a diverse and inclusive organisation, with all associated with it committed to providing an excellent service for tenants and the community.

“The organisation is performing well in very challenging circumstances [and] has maintained a series of mutually beneficial partnerships which lead to ‘win win win’ outcomes.

“Manningham Housing Association punches well above its weight but at last is getting the rightful recognition it deserves.”

Nadim Khaliq, MHA Head of Housing Services, was singled out for praise by the assessor “for his cooperation and patience throughout.”

Nadim commented:

“I am thrilled that we have again met the requirements of the scheme and continue to make positive progress as a truly community-based BAME housing association.

“There have been immense challenges for everyone at MHA over the past three years, beginning with the onset of the pandemic and continuing with the cost of living crisis.

“However, challenges bring opportunities and we have endeavoured to get even closer to the communities whose needs we seek to address whilst looking after each other internally as valued MHA team members.”

Barrington Billings, MHA Chair, said:

“This is another highly worthy and welcome judgement on where MHA has reached as an organisation.

“As Chair, I am pleased that the senior management team have been praised by the assessor for the stability, direction and assurance for the future that they offer, and our new board appointments have been welcomed because of the skill sets and new thinking that they bring to the table.

“But there is no such thing as a hierarchy at MHA.  We are all pulling in the same direction and trying to achieve the same aims.  That remains key to our continued success.”

Founded in 1986, Manningham Housing Association manages more than 1,400 homes for over 6,000 residents in Bradford and Keighley.