Choice-Based Lettings

We operate a choice-based letting policy. The housing allocations policy gives priority to customers with urgent needs and at the same time aims to give customers choice and create successful, vibrant communities.


Relevant legislation, including the Housing Act 1996 and various Codes of Guidance provide the framework for the policy.


Applications are classed either as “Priority” or “Non-priority”, using a filtering system.


“Priority” will be given to people who meet any of the following criteria:

  • Statutory homelessness.
  • Living in overcrowded conditions – This will be based on our property and size eligibility criteria, whereby an applicant is considered “priority” when they are overcrowded by 2 or more bedrooms.
  • Staying in supported accommodation, fleeing violence or suffering severe racial or other forms of harassment.
  • Severe medical condition or disability.
  • Subject to possession order.
  • Living in properties described by the local authority as statutorily unfit.


In order to ensure balanced communities, the Association will carefully consider the housing needs of “non-priority” applicants if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • In employment and able to afford renting without recourse to public funds, particularly, Housing Benefit.
  • Access to private income or savings and can afford to rent.
  • Moving to take up paid or voluntary employment (especially, if in a key worker role).
  • Moving to give and/or receive support in long term family / extended family situations.
  • Moving to be close to a community in which they are active.
  • Moving to have access to medical or other specific community support.
  • Moving because they have a smaller family necessitating a smaller house.

Please note that these lists are not exhaustive and are not in priority order. Waiting time will decide the priority between customers in the lists.

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Choice based lettings policy

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