Funding boost for young people in Bradford

Two Bradford-based community organisations have come together to secure significant new funds to support youth initiatives in the city.
Manningham Housing Association (MHA) and Hollings Youth Association (HYA) combined their expertise to apply to the Big Lottery Fund’s ‘Awards for All’ scheme for money to deliver an array of targeted activities for young people.

It has now been confirmed that the bid for the maximum available grant of £10,000 was successful.

Founded in 1986, MHA has a proud track record of providing high-quality homes and other services to communities in Bradford and Keighley. Last month MHA was awarded the highest achievable gradings by the independent body responsible for overseeing the performance of housing associations in England.

Also based in the Manningham area of Bradford, HYA is a not for profit organisation which has been helping and developing young people since March 2009 through personal, social and educationally focused interaction. The ‘Awards for All’ grant will be used to launch a programme of activities to empower local residents from 10-25 years old.

Lee Bloomfield, MHA Chief Executive, said he hoped the monies would kickstart an exciting new beginning for many younger members of the community in Manningham.

He continued:

“The Board of Manningham Housing Association recently approved a Community Investment Strategy which lays out our continued commitment to support, engage and invest in community sustainability.

“We have previously collaborated with HYA and are firm admirers of the wonderful work they do.

“It was a pleasure to partner with them in putting together the Big Lottery Fund application and I am delighted for the young people who will benefit directly.

“However, we must view the ‘Award for All’ as merely the beginning of a longer-term approach. Other funding streams are being explored because sustainability is key.

“The coronavirus lockdown has been tough for everyone, including young people. The new activities will be worth waiting for and I look forward to these being rolled out as soon as it’s safe to do so.”

Imran Khan, HYA Chair, said he was thrilled that the application had been approved, and revealed that a delivery plan was being jointly finalised with MHA.

He commented:

“HYA began working on the application with MHA last year, long before the present difficulties relating to coronavirus.

“The programme we are putting together will range from bespoke skills development projects through to anti-obesity initiatives to promote health and wellbeing.

“It is vital that everyone feels they have a stake in their local community, particularly young people.

“There is no doubt that the next few months will be tough, but I firmly believe that areas like Manningham will emerge from these challenges stronger than ever before.

“Exciting times lie ahead.”

Barrington Billings, Chair of the MHA Board, added:

“Partnership working is incredibly important to us as we seek to play our part in building stronger communities, advocating healthy living, improving educational attainment levels, and enabling residents to better access training and jobs.

“HYA has a deserved reputation for helping young people in Manningham to achieve their potential at the heart of one of the most richly diverse parts of Bradford. They are ideal partners.

“The funding will allow us to provide a pathway for young members of the community to broaden their experiences and meet new friends.”

About Manningham Housing Association

Manningham Housing Association (MHA) has a proud track record of delivering homes and services to communities in Bradford and Keighley.

It was founded in 1986 following a piece of research on the housing needs of Black and Asian communities in Bradford. This research proved that the needs of the South Asian community were not being addressed.

With an annual turnover of £8.5 million and a staff of 39, the association now manages more than 1,400 homes for more than 6,000 residents. Over 80 percent of MHA residents are of South Asian origin but the Association proudly serves all of those in need.

About Hollings Youth Association

Hollings Youth Association (HYA) is a non-profit organisation working in the Manningham area of Bradford since March 2009. with the goal of supporting and developing young people through social interaction and offering a diverse set of activities.

Since its founding, HYA has been facilitating the personal, social, and educational growth of young people in the Manningham area of Bradford, helping them reach their full potential in society through social interaction.

HYA supports and helps young people to become confident and practicing members of the community.

Hollings Youth Association strongly believes in anti-oppressive practices