Garden Competition Winners!

2018 Garden Competition…

Each summer we run a garden competition so we can see our residents getting out into their gardens and adding some colour to our schemes. The entries are then judged by our Customer Panel at their September meeting.

This year saw some tough competition but the judges agreed on a winner in Mr Nizam Shah & Mrs Shah from Moulson Court, who won £100 to spend on their colourful garden, which brimmed with blooms throughout the summer.

However this year the judges felt that another garden needed acknowledging and a £50 special prize to Lacey-Lou Kinley aged 7 of Red Holt Crescent Keighley. She lived next door to a lovely tenant who unfortunately was seriously ill. Lacey-Lou had planted a few flowers in containers outside her home and her neighbour said how much they cheered her up. This gave Lacey-Lou the incentive to keep on planting, transforming the front of her home into a fantastic display of colour.
She continued to tend to her flowers morning and night throughout the summer keeping a smile on her neighbours face until she sadly passed away.
All the judges agreed that a special award of £50.00 should be made for this selfless act of kindness.