Electrical Testing

An electrical installation is made up of all the fixed electrical wiring and equipment that is supplied from the point of the electricity meter and beyond. It includes the cables that are usually hidden in the fabric of the building (walls, floors and ceilings), accessories (sockets, switches and light fittings) and the consumer unit (fuse box) that contains all the fuses, circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs).

Electrical installations and systems will be repaired, renewed, upgraded and tested in accordance with industry guidelines and manufacturers’ recommendations.

Inspections to these electrical installations are often referred to as ‘Periodic tests’.

New Build – First inspection on 10th anniversary of first installation, thereafter every five years due on the subsequent anniversary date.

All Other General Needs Stock – Every five years upon anniversary of previous inspection and at change of tenant or mutual exchange.

We will also rectify any defects to ensure that the inspection is ‘satisfactory’ and the property is safe.

Where we have properties with electrical appliances belonging to MHA we will also carry out an annual PAT test to ensure the integrity and condition of the equipment.

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