Fire Safety

Fire Safety for Tenants

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 we are required to carry out regular Fire Risk Assessments at all of our properties with communal spaces.

MHA has decided that these will occur annually. Any actions following the Risk Assessments are always dealt with depending on the severity, but always within 6 months.

Our Neighbourhood team also visit the blocks monthly and deal with any fire hazards found.

Full Fire Risk Assessment
Frequency: Every year
By whom: External Fire Specialist

Fire Alarm System Service and Test
Frequency: Quarterly
By whom: Service Specialists

Fire Extinguisher Service where there are Extinguishers
Frequency: Annual
By whom: Service Specialists

Emergency Lighting Full Duration Test
Frequency: Annual
By whom: Electricians

Emergency Lighting Short Functional Test
Frequency: Monthly (11 + 1 above)
By whom: Electricians

Monthly Fire Risk Scheme Inspections
Frequency: Monthly
By whom: Neighbourhood Officers

Fire Risk Scheme Inspection Audits
Frequency: Quarterly
By whom: Health & Safety Compliance Manager

Fire Point Tests where Required
Frequency: Weekly
By whom: Neighbourhood Officers & Estates Team

Evacuation process

The fire evacuation process is slightly different at our various blocks, but is clearly displayed in each premise.

For anybody who has mobility issues and lives in a block, please advise us as we may have consider a personal emergency evacuation plan.

Fire Alarm Testing in blocks

If you live in a flat with a communal stairwell and fire panel you will have noticed that the fire alarms are tested weekly.

There will be notices within the block to highlight the day and time of the test.

If the alarm sounds at any other time, please treat as a real fire.

We encourage all of our tenants to test smoke alarms regularly. If you feel there is a fault with any of your fire detection devices then please get in touch urgently.

Safety in Flats

This leaflet is for people living in flats, for landlords and for those responsible for residential buildings. The advice and tips provided here supplement our main Fire Safety in the Home leaflet.

Did you know…?

You are around eight times more likely to die in a fire if you do not have any working smoke alarms.

Each year, cooking causes more accidental fires and fire‑related injuries in the home than anything else.

Every six days someone dies in a fire started by smoking materials.

Faulty electrics cause about 4,000 fires in the home each year.

Two accidental dwelling fires are started by candles every day.


Fire Safety in Flats Leaflet

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