MHA & Councillor Walkabout

“On a lovely sunny afternoon on 14th June, I did a walkabout in my Council ward (Keighley West) with Housing Officer Peter Murgatroyd from MHA. It is very useful for me as a District Councillor to meet and chat to as many residents as possible, so that if there’s an issue, people have a point of contact when dealing with the Council.

“We met at the development at Litton Road and spent a couple of hours knocking on doors, talking to residents about what they like about living in the area, what issues they have, who they discuss matters with and their suggestions for local improvements. It was lovely to hear that most people really love living in the area and that MHA are considered a very good landlord. One or two minor issues were reported, such as a broken gate.

“As we were walking round, we came across a disused space (see pic) and wondered what good use it could be put to. One resident, suggested placing some large recycling banks there, such as a clothing bank, shoe bank or bottle bank. Peter and I thought this was a fantastic idea and when we spoke to other householders in the area, so did they! As a result, I’ve contacted the relevant Council department to see how we take this suggestion forward and we’ll let you know the progress.

“This is a brilliant example of why it’s so important to keep in touch and make suggestions to both MHA and your District Councillors if you would like to. One simple conversation can lead to something really positive! If you have an idea for improvements in your local area, please contact your Housing Officer, MHA head office and/or your local Councillor. If you don’t know who they are, you can find them on this link or call 01274 431000 (Bradford Council’s main helpline) and they can tell you.”

By Cath Bacon, Councillor Keighley Ward and MHA Board and Customer Panel member.