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Repairs and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the tenant to carry out the following repairs in their own homes.


  • Toilet Seats.
  • Minor cracks to plastering.
  • TV aerials (unless it is a communal aerial).
  • Waste blockages (We will attend to blocked toilets but if it is found that the blockage was caused by neglect such as flushing nappies, children’s toy’s or other non-biodegradable items then the cost will be charged back to you).
  • Replacing plugs and chains to baths, basin’s and kitchen sinks.
  • Shower heads, rails, and shower curtains.
  • Keeping ground gully grates (external drain covers) clear of leaves and rubbish.

Doors and Locks

  • Replacing keys or locks when keys have been lost or tenant has locked themselves out.
  • Doorbells.
  • Replacing glass in any internal or external door.
  • Repairs to internal doors, door handles and any other associated door furniture.


  • Resetting trip switches and if necessary, turning off the mains supply.
  • Burglar alarms.
  • Electrical appliances (cookers, fridges and dishwashers) excluding appliances fitted by Manningham Housing and where a service charge is applied for their maintenance.
  • Replacement of bulbs or fluorescent tubes (and starter motors) including those for external lights (except in communal areas).
  • Changing batteries in any appliance.

Floors and Stairs

  • Repairing and replacing any floor coverings, vinyl tiles, sheeting, carpets, or laminates that the tenant has fitted.
  • Floor coverings that have been supplied by MHA as part of the Improvement Programme will only be provided once and when these need to be replaced this will be your responsibility as the tenant.


  • Bleeding radiators.
  • Replace any secondary forms of heating for example gas and electric fires. We will repair any existing secondary heating only if it is economical to repair. This does not affect your primary heating system for example Central Heating or Economy Seven.


  • Replacing broken or cracked glass where it is found that the glass has been broken from inside the property.
  • Glazing (except where a crime number is provided).


If you require any advice or guidance in relation to rodent infestations, please feel free to contact MHA on 01274 771144.

For all other infestations like ants, wasps, bees, cockroaches etc. the responsibility falls on the customer to contact a private pest control company. But you are more than welcome to call and inform us.


  • Any repairs to sheds.
  • Any form of landscaping or tidying of garden.


Internal decoration: To keep the interior of the premises in good clean decorative condition and to decorate all the internal parts of the premises as frequently as is necessary to keep them in good decorative order

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