Ayesha Khanum, Income Assistant

Ayesha joined the Manningham Housing Association in 2023 as an Income Assistant. With a strong background in the banking industry and a degree in legal studies, Ayesha brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role.

Having spent four years in the banking sector, Ayesha has developed a deep understanding of financial systems and processes. Her expertise in this area allows her to navigate the complex world of income management with ease, ensuring accurate and efficient service for the association’s tenants.

Ayesha’s comprehensive understanding of the benefits and welfare systems is one of her key strengths. She is well-versed in these programs and is committed to helping tenants access the support they are entitled to. Ayesha’s knowledge in this area ensures she can provide valuable guidance to tenants, empowering them to improve their financial situations.

With her combination of banking experience, legal studies background, and dedication to tenant welfare, Ayesha is a valuable asset to the Manningham Housing Association. She is poised to make a positive impact in her role as an Income Assistant and contribute to the association’s mission of providing excellent service to its tenants.