MHA Quarterly Performance

Excellent Performance!

We are delighted to be able to report some really good performance results achieved by MHA over the last year. It gives us particular pleasure to inform everyone that MHA have delivered a set of great results in all areas of our service delivery. The headline results are shown in the table below.

Gas Safety Checks 100% 100%
Repairs completed within target date 96% 97%
Customer Satisfaction with last repair completed 94% 98%
% total void loss Below 1.1% 0.37%
Average number of days to re-let property 18 days or less 9 days
% rent arrears total rent roll (4 week average) Lower than 5% 3.99%
Overall Customer Satisfaction Top 25% of our peers Top 25% achieved

Given the difficulties and uncertainty the housing sector generally has faced over the last couple of years, this performance has had to rely on the skills, motivation and dedication of our staff. The results we have achieved in most of the areas are amongst the best in the housing sector and we are very proud of our achievements.

We are constantly being challenged to achieve efficiency savings and we have done a lot of work in reducing our costs. We will shortly be publishing our annual Value for Money (VfM) statement which will be available on our website and this will give specific details about what we have done to lower our costs. But whilst we make these efficiencies, we need to continue to make sure we perform well as an organisation. The level of performance we are working at is critical for the continued financial strength of MHA as well as giving you, our customers a really great service.

We want to thank our staff for their continued hard work and dedication but the real challenge is not to rest on our laurel but to try and get our performance even better for 2017-18!