Why you should get your COVID vaccine?

The last 18 months have been very challenging due to the Coronavirus. You, your friends, family, and your community have played a massive role in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

The Covid19 Vaccine; has played an important part in improving our protection, reducing serious illness or hospitalisation, and saving lives.

Millions of people have now received their COVID-19 vaccines and therefore are keeping themselves and their families safe against this harmful virus.

However, we know that vaccine uptake is lower in our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities such as Black African-Black African Caribbean, Bangladeshi and Pakistani community groups, it is lower in people under 50 and those that are pregnant.

We now have a new variant of COVID-19 called Omicron. which is highly infectious and spreading fast.

 It is recommended that every adult in the UK should get a booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine because two doses are not enough to give the level of protection, we all need.

For those of you that have not yet had your 1st or 2nd vaccine dose, it is not too late as the offer is still open to you to come forward and get jabbed’

 And remember even if you have already had COVID-19 you can still get it again and the best way to enhance your immunity against future infection is to get vaccinated.

 You can book a first, second or booster jab by visiting www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination or by calling 119.